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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Girls Bedroom Designs 2010


Ideas for Bedrooms for Teens

A Pink Room for Her

  •  While your teen daughter is growing up, she is still a girl inside. Trade in the little girl pastel pinks for bold shades of dark pinks or fuchsias. Paint the room doors to match. Choose her favorite contrasting color to paint the ceiling and a third color to trim the ceiling and floor. Match the carpet color to the ceiling or opt for checkerboard tile using all the selected colors. Match rugs to the walls or use patterned rugs in the selected colors. To keep the room feminine, choose large, medium and small fuzzy pillows in all colors to place around the room. Choose pillows in round, square and odd shapes. Find beanbag chairs or small traditional furniture in the third or trim color. Add stuffed animals in the three colors to set off the solid bedding.
A Sports Room For Him
  •  Create a Hall of Fame theme for a teen boy's room. Select his favorite sport as a starting place. Use outdoor green carpeting to imitate turf or grass for most sports. If you choose hockey or other ice and snow sports, use white glossy tile; and skating sports require bare concrete. Turn one wall into a written list of game or event statistics. Stencil the team names and dates of championships going as far back as possible. For example, if the teen is a football fan, list all the Super Bowl dates, the teams involved and the winner. Decorate another wall with jerseys from various teams. Begin with the teen's favorite players and add past and current player's jerseys to fill the wall. Fill a third wall with posters and pictures of players, live action shots and special moments in the sport's history. Complete the room with equipment pieces. For example, use balls, bats, gloves, batting helmets, batting gloves and actual triangular bases for a baseball fan.

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