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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boys Bedroom Designs

How to Design an Ocean Themed Bedroom

Start the project by painting the walls and the ceiling. The colors that are suitable for the ocean themed bedroom are deep ocean blue and sea green. To create the desired effect, paint the lower portion of the walls with dark ocean blue and apply lightest green to the ceiling. Apply the strokes from floor to the ceiling and use two coats of the paint.

Add Creatures To The Walls

Adding creatures on the wall will accentuate the look of the room. Trace pictures of fish or other sea creatures onto large pieces of construction paper. Cut out the figures and paste them onto the walls, using double sided tapes. Add details to the creatures, like eyes and scales for fish. Stenciling creatures onto the walls is also a nice idea. Wall murals play a vital part in ocean themed bedrooms. You can paste life-size murals of water-plants or underwater creatures on the walls.


The furniture of the bedroom should complement the over-all decor. This can be done by painting each piece with a single color. It is a good idea to choose the same color that you have used for the walls. This will create a camouflage effect, apart from the illusion of increased space. Let your furnishing also reflect the ocean theme – paste stickers of sea creatures to the furniture and adorn it with seashells. 

Comforters & Bedspreads
Buy pillowcases and bedspreads in shades of blue and sea green. Ensure that the throw pillows are also in blue color. Buy ocean-themed bedding set, along with curtains. Make sure that you choose the comforters according to the theme. You may choose bright primary colors or pastels for the bedding.

Add some novelty to the bedroom by accessorizing it. The accessory that adds life to an ocean-themed bedroom is aquarium. Real fish, underwater plants and coral reef will add to the appeal. Small figurines of underwater creatures, like dolphins, starfish, seaweed, coral, turtles and exotic fish, can be placed at certain locations in the bedroom. You can also place novelty fish pillows around the room.



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